About our Briard pups

Our puppies are born in our home. Due to the risk of infection and the rest that we want to give the mother and the puppies, we invite those who want to come take a look when the pups are about 3 weeks old. That is also the age when the puppies are going to try to run and at that age they will get the first solid food to eat.

Our son Faas likes puppies a lot and is often found in the middle of all the puppy's . If we have a litter, many friends come and play so the puppies also socialize well with children. Like that, the contact with children is present at a young age. The pups will not be chosen by people until they are 7 weeks old. This will happen after the character test. with the character test we look at the future owners and puppies, because for a family with children, it is not wise to take a dominant dog and someone who wants to work with his dog must have a dog that is suitable for that.

With the character test we check whether the puppy is a working dog, a good house dog or dominant dog. When we know that results, we watch together with the future puppy owners which best suits their family. Before they go to there new owner, the dutch kennel club and our vet will review and chip the pups. The vet will also give them their health certificate and their first vaccination. When the puppies go to their future home, the new owner will get a nutritional kit.

If you have any questions, please send us a email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.