About us

Chandra met Briard pup

My name is Chandra de Vries and I have been surrounded by Briards since I was little. The founders of my kennel 'van de Hoolhoeve' are my parents Dick and Yvonne de Vries, who have been breeding Briards since 1976. As a little girl I always was with our dogs and when we had puppies I was cuddling with the puppies!

We also had a Briard training group at home, so every saturday almost every family member was at the training ground with his / her own dog, hard at work. Besides us doing a lot of G & G, we have also practiced other dog sports like agility and IPO.

I used to travel around Europe with my mother to show off the dogs. Those trips to Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy were real treat for me. The dogs and I have seen and experienced a lot. In the early 90s our family was affected by the sheep virus, my mother went to the Briard Special in America, where she came in contact with sheepherding Briards for the first time.

She came back all excited. Traditionally, this is the work the Briard was bred for, so it was very interesting to do sheepherding with our own Briards. I spent in the year '92 the entire summer in America for private lessons. I trained with a German shepherd who was named Meg. She already mastered sheepherding, so she taught me a lot.

Together with my mother, I then followed courses in Germany and France. My mother trained with Hippy and I trained with Caline. It gives a great feeling when you walk in the 'middle of nowhere' with 500 sheep around you and they all do whatever you want!

In 1994 the male Jolly Jumper des Monts de'n Crauzille from France came to live with me. He was a very stable and social pup. He would prove to mark my kennel.

In 1996 i got a female dog from the combination ‘Delilah grise van de Hoolhoeve’ and Jolly Jumper des Monts de’n Crauzille, Ma Petite Delilah van de Hoolhoeve, first name Mila. She is the mother of my black and grey line. Mila has been my shadow until her death; I could read and write with her, it was such a great nice dog.

In 2000 I took the big step and I bred my first 'own' litter with our Mila. From her I got two dogs: Sophie and Vonque Delilah. Sophie came back to us at the age of 5 months. They are both great dogs when you look at character; they also have extremely good working instincts. Some of our puppies have go to people who work with their dog and are successful in the Netherlands and abroad. my son Faas was born in 1998, and since he can crawl he can be found at the puppy's . When i have a litter of puppies he takes friends home so they can cuddle with the puppies. Unwillingly he is already busy to socialize the puppies, just like his mother.

Over the years, some dogs have joined me and i had to say goodbye to dogs that will always remain in our memories.

Nowadays i also have a fauve Briard, next to our black and grey Briards.


I hope you enjoy reading and viewing our website. When you have any questions or comments, feel free to call us or e-mail us.